National Coalition of Oncology Nurse Navigators
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Mission Statement

NCONN to dissolve and puts full support behind ONS as the professional organizaiton for Oncology Nurse Navigators. 

The Oncology Nursing Society fully supports NCONN and its members and has a number of resources available for this growing segment of oncology nurses. We look forward to becoming your professional home. Learn more today.
The mission of NCONN has always been “to promote excellence in oncology patient care by fostering collaborative relationships and professional development among oncology nurse navigators and all healthcare disciplines locally, regionally, and nationally.” This mission has been accomplished through the efforts of our membership and leaders over these past six years.

The NCONN leadership recognizes ONS’s increased support and educational efforts around this role and this organization wants to put our full support behind ONS as the professional organization that recognizes and satisfies educational and professional needs of new and experienced nurses in oncology nurse navigator roles. NCONN contributed critical elements to the foundation and early development of this role as the central outcome of its existence, with ONS as a guiding force for integrity and excellence in oncology patient care.
Warm regards,
Sharon Francz                                                               Cynthia Cantril
Co-founder and Executive Director                                   President

Who is the Nurse Navigator

Oncology Nurse Navigator Definition:
The ONN serves as a single point of contact for patients and their families throughout their entire cancer care experience — and most importantly, is an advocate and personal care coach on the patient’s behalf.

The primary role of the navigator is to remove barriers and obstacles that patients encounter. Barriers may be real or perceived barriers. The navigator functions as an advocate for the patient and provides education to patients regarding their disease process, treatment, and side effect management and treatment options. Navigators link patients with resources that enable them to complete treatment and maintain or improve their quality of life. Navigators facilitate communication and act as a liaison with the health care team on behalf of the patient.